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A highly bespoke  approach, both in design and refurbishment, for private residences, retail , hotels and offices.

Set up and analysis  of coordinated branding image for shops , or trade fairs booth  and advertising campaign shootings or window displays.

Tailor made design for costumes, both for theatre and Venice Carnival.


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PORTFOLIO V2 _Chiara De Conto Foto.JPG
Paolo Brando
Chiara De Conto

Born in 1963 in Milan, Paolo Brando  is the founder and owner of the company, Archibrando .
A creative, positive and enthusiastic thinker.  Paolo is keen to deliver extra value by increasing his understanding of the needs and goals of his clients. During​ his extensive international career and travels he has developed a sort of sixth sense which enables him to search and choose​ the perfect materials applicable to his projects. This experience and creativity is reflected in the carnival costumes he creates.

Born 1989 in Rho.

Architect and designer. Specialized in interiors, design, 3D modelling, rendering and photo editing.

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